2015 Cascade Media Convergence


This is your convergence

Propose a session that links film, radio, graphics or web and different areas of social justice.


We need people recruiters, session developers, logistics facilitators and more.


Local organizations that endorse us will help build a knowledge base and expand our reach.


All sessions are free with a suggested donation that is tax-deductible.

About the CMC

A regional gathering of community-based media makers sharing space and skills to build solidarity.
  • Inspiration

    We are inspired by the power of grassroots media to change the narrative and effect the course of history. The AMNCLA media network of Venezuela provides our biggest source of inspiration, a network of 300 autonomous media collectives that has been instrumental in the consciousness raising that has given rise to the Bolivarian Revolution, and directly influenced the outcome of the 2002 coup attempt against Hugo Chavez. Another source of inspiration for us has been the Allied Media Conference, which for the last 16 years has been providing a space for people from throughout the nation and world to gather to exchange skills and ideas centered around the nexus of media making and social justice organizing, while at the same time developing a model for how to organize such a conference in a participatory manner.

  • Goals

    That this convergence become an annual event for socially engaged media makers throughout the region to share their talents and continue coordinating efforts on a regional level. We would like the gathering to rotate between different cities in the region, to give organizers in each locality a chance to get practice doing this sort of work, and to put their own spin on the event. That a few tangible projects that people can continue working on together after the gathering can emerge from the CMC. That a body will be formed to coordinate and follow through on decisions and commitments made by people and organizations in the strategy sessions.

  • History

    We would like to acknowledge a past project located in our region that has informed what we are trying to achieve with this convergence. In some ways the CMC is an evolution of a project called the Portland Grassroots Media Camp, which for two summers in 2007 and 2008 connected local media makers with community organizers interested in learning media skills through a series of roughly 80 workshops offered by donation or free of charge. With the intention that by connecting organizers with the skills they need it would strengthen the organizations and movements those organizers work with.

  • Past Years

    Check out our 2014 conference at: http://www.cascademedia.cc/wp


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