CMC Final Schedule

We’re pleased to announce the final schedule for this year’s CMC, featuring 20 different workshops and trainings covering radio, video, print, art, music and more. Some of the highlights include the Octavia’s Brood authors leading a Sci Fi & Direct Action training, Shamako from Hip Hop Congress telling us What the Bleep Happened to Hip Hip, Arun Gupta showing what it takes to be an indypendent journalist, and the Community Media Assistance Project with two valuable workshops for low power radio stations looking to take the next step.

In addition we’ve got three powerful evening events lined up. The conference kicks off Friday with a screening of Jesse Freeston’s new film Resistencia, the keynote featuring the Octavia’s Brood co-authors will be 6-8 on Saturday, and Saturday night will be our music showcase, Unite the People.

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